Who we are

For over 40 years, TDR has been working hard at fighting infectious diseases of poverty, engaging researchers and experts from all over the world in its efforts. Each individual brings unique knowledge, and together they make up a vibrant scientific community called TDR Global.

TDR Global is committed to driving and encouraging mentoring of young scientists and fostering research collaborations. However, you may wonder: How can such a diverse group of people form a community?

Picture a single tapestry thread that can be woven into many rows. Naturally, this single thread has its limitations as it cannot create pictures or patterns on its own. If you add more threads, carefully weaving the thin fibres, the tapestry transforms into a colourful picture or beautiful design with intricate details.

TDR Global is exceptional in the same way as the colourful patterns on a tapestry because we are a combination of many unique individuals. Each member has their own expertise, culture, and background, creating a bigger, more powerful picture. Despite the complexity of the bigger picture, it connects us all in our shared field of interest.

We connect expert mentors with young scientists, local research communities with global and regional networks, and a shared, golden thread holds all of this together: A commitment to fight diseases of poverty through research and innovation.

Why this website?

TDR has been working hard at fighting infectious disease of poverty for decades, and has launched many special projects in the process. This website is a celebration of those projects and stories.

We recognize that different individuals use different social media and communication platforms, and that each of these has its own technical specifications. By pre-packaging these special stories in an easy-to-share format, optimized to each social media platform, we are hoping to make it easier for others to share the stories. We’ve also included how-to guides covering the basics and best practices for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We hope you find the website insightful and helpful. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as you explore it.

Our sponsors and contributors

TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, co-sponsored by UNICEF, UNDP, the World Bank and WHO, is able to conduct its work thanks to the commitment and support from a variety of funders. These include our long-term core contributors from national governments and international institutions, as well as designated funding for specific projects within our current priorities.

For the full list of TDR donors, please visit our website at: https://www.who.int/tdr/about/funding/en/