How To Guide: LinkedIn Page

Using LinkedIn for business allows you to build credibility, create a meaningful network and glean insider expertise from established experts in your industry.

More than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business, not just because it’s the preeminent social network for recruiting and hiring top talent. With more than 690 members, more and more brands are using LinkedIn marketing to network, connect and sell.

To Keep In Mind When Preparing Your Institutions LinkedIn Page

Complete your profile

Start by creating your LinkedIn Page and choosing the appropriate category for your business. Fill in your company details, choosing a good URL for your brand. If you can, make it the same as your handle (username) on other social sites. Upload your company logo and add your tagline.

Tell people about your vision, mission and values, and offer a description of your products and services in three to four short paragraphs. Text should be natural and written in your brand voice. Google results preview up to 156 characters of your page’s text – so make your description SEO friendly (optimised for search engines) by including keywords.


Add your store or office locations. You can add multiple addresses by selecting “+Add Location”.


Up to three hashtags can be added to make your profile more searchable. Pick hashtags that are commonly used in your industry and that best suit your business.

Cover photo

Add polish to your profile with a background photo. Choose an image that showcases your business. Avoid shots that are too busy or cluttered. The recommended size is 1584 (width) x 396 (height) pixels.

Custom button

Add a button to your profile to encourage action. Options include “Visit website”, “Contact us”, “Learn more”, “Register” and “Sign up”. Be sure to add the corresponding URL so people who click the button land on the correct page.

Manage language

If you have a global brand or multilingual audience, you can add your name, tagline and description in over 20 different languages.

Once Your Page is Prepared

Posts are often the first impressions people have of your business, so make sure they attract and engage potential customers / supporters / champions. Use these best practices to reach your business goals with posts:

Share your page

Let people know your LinkedIn Page is up and running. If you have employees, send a company-wide email with the news. Let them know how they can follow the page and add it as a place of work to their personal LinkedIn profiles.

Share pride about the people that make your business great. Connect visitors to your company’s thought leaders. And give potential customers or staff members a glimpse into your culture.

Promote your page with your customers as well. Make use of all your digital touchpoints – newsletter, social channels, website – and ask for follows. When you do, tell people what’s in it for them, from job opportunities to LinkedIn Live sessions.

On LinkedIn, page admins can also invite their connections to follow. Simply click the “Admin Tools” dropdown in the upper right corner and select “Invite Connections”.

To Keep In Mind When Posting


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